What can I include in my bucket?

ALL FOOD, literally. It can be cooked or uncooked, smothered in salad dressing, moldy bread, stale crackers, processed Twinkies, a t-gone steak with the bone! If it went in your mouth, it can go in your bucket. Refer to our Compost Guide for more details. The only food items we don’t accept are straight liquids (i.e. don’t pour a gallon of sour milk in your bucket or straight grease. These items are compostable but our collection containers can’t handle that much liquid.

Can I compost compostable take out containers?

Where do I leave my bucket? 

Leave your bucket by your front door by 8AM on your pickup day. It will be picked up and replaced with a clean one by 8PM. Make sure to secure the lid closed before setting it out.

Do I need to be home for pickups? 

Nope! The beauty of our service is in the convenience. You don’t need to be home for us to do what we do.

What day will you come to my house?

We schedule food scrap pick up days based on our current routes. Once you sign up we’ll let you know what day we service your area.

Will I get fruit flies?  

Overly ripe produce is a breeding ground for fruit flies (they lay their eggs in the peels). To keep them at bay, store ripe fruit in the refrigerator (fruit flies can’t survive the cold), cover fruit bowls with a mesh or plastic cover, or seal in a glass container with a lid. If this does not work, we can recommend other remedies.

Can we switch our frequency of pick ups? 

Yes, you can switch from bi-weekly to weekly or vis versa. We simply can’t switch you on an as needed basis.

This all sounds super eco-friendly, sustainable, green, etc. but I’m a city kid, and I just can’t wrap my brain around recycling my food. What should I do?

It’s true. Recycling your food scraps is not second nature to most of us. Not too long ago, we were you. In fact, for a long time fears of mice, smells and adding one more thing to our “to do” list blocked us from even considering composting. Suffice to say, we are several years in and none of those fears have come to fruition. In fact, just the opposite has happened. We have become super into composting. No more guilt around food waste. Turns out, keeping food out of landfills feels pretty good and turning it into something useful to our planet keeps us motivated to continue.

Not quite convinced? Check out this super inspirational flick Dirt! The movie. It will make you think about "dirt" in a whole new way.