One day, I was at home talking to my wife, Michelle. I threw a banana peel into our compost container and had an idea. Why don't we start a composting service? We could go door-to-door collecting people's food scraps and bringing them to local community gardens to be turned into compost. Food is a natural resource. Why were we wasting it? Compost is expensive, yet, all farmers needed it. It was a practical way to close the food loop and had so many other environmental and sustainable benefits. Unfortunately, after some research, we learned this business model wouldn't work due to NJ food waste regulations. But that didn't stop us from pursuing alternatives. We just couldn't let this idea go. 

Shortly after, we came up with another way to help people compost. Thus, our on-site backyard composting service was born. The fact that our food can become beautiful, nutrient rich organic material, with the help of water, air and tiny microbes is fascinating to us. Just like all living things, FOOD has it's own natural life-cycle. And, if given the chance at a second life, FOOD can replenish the earth just as it replenishes us.

So, with a little help from Michelle--oh, who are we kidding, with A LOT of help from Michelle--we got to work creating our business and rolling it out to friends and family. Now, we are ready to expand to folks like you, who want to do more for the environment but don't have the time or perhaps the know how to compost. Our goal is to help teach anyone who wants to learn about composting. We recycle our plastics and paper, now we aim to inspire others to recycle their food. We'd love for you to join us and become a part of our composting family.

Happy composting!

Java + Michelle